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Welcome to my blog

My name is shani Salama, and I am 24 years old from the Merkaz region of Israel.

These days I'm the owner of company called ILevel.

ILevel offers extensive Internet services for businesses both large and small including SEO, content management systems, web design and more.

I established the blog in order to share with you comprehensive information about organic SEO, social networks, affiliate programs, advertising and Internet marketing related issues that will help you promote your site on the Internet.

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"Net trapped"

My first encounter with the virtual world was at the age of  15 or so.

I spent most of my time surfing web sites and learning about the net from books and other online teaching materials.

Over time I managed to build and design sites on – ready HTML formats of Geocities, Angel fire and Homestead.

(I must admit that although they were simple websites, I was very proud of them).

Those days, there were free tools provided for web publishers, just as guestbook, web entry counters and more.

Those who used to have fun and enjoyed using these tools probably remember and understand what I'm talking about…

Ambition and stubbornness (an integral personality traits of mine), drove me to build dozens of image sites as well as fan sites that led me to specialize in the web building field.

Independent ground

As a salaried employee I worked in a successful company as a webmaster.

This company where I was employed decided to grow and the result was the decision to build a website related to the company's image.

I was appointed to manage the company's web site in order to obtain potential customers.

(Well, that was the reason the company invested so much money in the process of building the website from the start..)

The task was difficult and we could not see results and the reason was because of me.

I didn't know that there is a whole world that is called the 'SEO world', and that without knowing it, there is no chance that even the best looking and most expensive web site will succeed in this goal of getting potential customers to surf that site.

Once I realized that the only way that the site will get promoted is by me understanding and knowing SEO, I started reading and learning the subject thoroughly.

After I gulped almost everything I could find online about SEO, I went to study the SEO field professionally at Da'at Hasharon College.

There I obtained the most important tools and skills from the best experts in the SEO field.

Since then i can only say that the sky is the limit

You can contact us at: shani [-at-]